About Me


Okushi.Photography is an independent photography company owned and operated by Ray Briggs.

Ray is an award winning photographer whose work focuses on everything from portraiture, weddings and architecture photography.

Ray attended the University of Texas at San Antonio and San Antonio College focusing on Business Administration and Graphic Design. He worked at a Prestigious nationwide school photography company for over 19 years where he excelled to become Director of Photography. 

My Work

My love for photography came from my love of art. 

I became addicted to the certain types of emotions that artwork and photography would make me feel, and all I could think of is how I wanted to make other people experience that.  

For years I have tried to develop a style of my own.  Taking from some of my most influential and favorite artists I have admired throughout my life.

No matter what the project is..whether portraiture, architecture or even landscapes, I will always take pride in creating a work of art for you. 

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Like what you see? Hit me up! 

Interested in investing in okushi.photography for your project?  Or some beautiful memories you can hang in your home?  I am always available to discuss anything you have in mind and am eager to provide you with the best service you would expect from a professional.

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