Okushi.Photography is an independent photography company owned and operated by Ray Briggs.

Ray is an award winning photographer whose work focuses on everything from portraiture, weddings and architecture photography.

Ray attended the University of Texas at San Antonio and San Antonio College focusing on Business Administration and Graphic Design. He worked at a Prestigious nationwide school photography company for over 19 years where he excelled to become Director of Photography. 

After leaving the company in 2017, Ray decided to pursue his dream of being an independent creative force in the photography industry Full Time. He had started okushi.photography back in 2011 but only on a Part-Time basis. Now, he has concentrated all his efforts into photographing over hundreds of family portraits, graduates, couples, newborns, weddings, events, real estate and much much more.  Ray met Mary, his fiance, back in 2018, and they have molded their families into one beautiful one.


okushi.photography is a creative force within a band of brothers. These three Individuals and myself have been WORKING TOGETHER OVER 15 YEARS. Our styles are often similar but also very unique. Each one of them brings talent, professionalism, and a ton of experience to the team in PHOTOGRAPHY, VIDEOGRAPHY and POST PRODUCTION.


Videographer, Post Production, Photographer


Photographer, Videographer


Videographer, Photographer, Post Production

okushi style....

Ray's love for photography came from his love of fine art....

He became addicted to the certain types of emotions that artwork and photography would make him feel.  All he could think about is how he wanted to make other people experience and feel what he was feeling 

For years Ray has tried to develop a style all his own. Taking from some of his most influential and favorite artists he has admired throughout his life.

No matter what the project is..whether portraiture, architecture or even landscapes, Ray always takes much pride in creating a work of art just for you. 

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Whether its a Portrait Session, Real Estate Property, Wedding/Event or just have a simple question, please ask me anything!  I always get back to my guests as quickly as possible.  

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